Be part of a bigger conversation…

The Strategy Road Swarm comes together regularly, building and facilitating discussion forums, education seminars and value-providing events for SMEs, corporates & NFP enterprises and the communities they serve. 

In 2019, the Swarm will host several “TED-talks”-style events in Adelaide and beyond, for regional & agribusinesses, the health and aged care sector, travel & leisure organisations, financial service providers, SMEs and more. It will also host a number of smaller events, bringing together panels of diverse, experienced business-related subject matter experts.

If you’d like to get involved in a unique, organic conversation striving to build value for communities and markets across Australia, as an event partner, guest presenter or attendee / participant, please get in touch - We’d love to engage with values-aligned, forward-thinking professionals and organisations that share our desire to collaborate for “better”.

swarm 2019 events…

Swarming for Regional & Agribusiness - Thursday 11th April, Adelaide

Swarming in the mid-North - Thursday 6th June, Clare

Swarming for Baby Boomer markets - Thursday 15th August, Adelaide

For details, and to inquire about other planned Swarm events, contact Troy Forrest on 0430 308963 or

earlier swarm events…

Swarming for Agribusiness - August 2018 at TechInSA, Adelaide (a 1/2 day seminar for 100 agribusiness leaders, featuring 13 guest presenters)

Rise of the Advisor - November 2017 at Baillieu Holst, Adelaide (a 1/2 day seminar for SME leaders, consultants & advisors on the evolving role of and considerations for professional advisory businesses)

Precinct Strategy Panel @ Open State Festival - September 2017 in The Dome, Victoria Square, Adelaide (a breakfast panel discussion on organic collaborations as a future model for South Australian businesses)

Strategy Roadworthy 2 - August 2017 at Bentleys Accountants, Adelaide (a 1/2 day seminar for 50 leaders and business owners on trending and persisting forces worthy of consideration in developing and governing strategy)

Strategy Roadworthy 1 - May 2017 at The Science Exchange, Adelaide (a 1/2 day seminar for 50 leaders & business owners on fundamentals of strategy development, implementation and governance towards 2020)

our generous & valued swarm partners

The Swarm events are a collaboration of a lot of generous individuals and businesses. In particular, we owe a debt of gratitude to the following for their willingness to get behind and support Swarm events and value delivery;

In August 2018, 100 agribusiness leaders gathered to hear 13 speakers in a "TED-talks" style seminar discuss initiatives, practices and insights designed to help nurture healthy agribusinesses.
Strategy Road MD Troy Forrest thanking our generous partner organisations at “Swarming forAgribusiness 2018”.

Strategy Road MD Troy Forrest thanking our generous partner organisations at “Swarming forAgribusiness 2018”.

The Strategy Road Associates, and a few "swarming" friends, share their perspectives & experiences about independent-but-aligned businesses collaborating for a common purpose in a swarm-like way. Featured at Open State 2017. Terrific video work by Tim Standing at Daylight Breaks -
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