Driving Strategy Road

A collection of 2016 articles all about strategy.What it means.  What it looks like.  What it needs and what it does. When it works and when it goes to seed.

Anecdotes, experiences, ideas, tools and practices. The pragmatic, the colourful and the cage rattles.

I hope you enjoy it and find the value in the journey.

Troy Forrest
Strategy Road Pty Ltd

The fight, the feed & the feeling

30 articles about leadership, sales, strategy, consulting and understanding your why. From Strategy Road Director, Consultant and SME owner
Troy Forrest.

Strategy roadworthy 2017

A short summary of the first Strategy Roadworthy 1/2 day seminar for strategic leaders & business owners, held in Adelaide, May 2017, featuring 7 guest presenters sharing wisdom and practical tips on the topic of strategy.